Jamboree Registration

Step 1: Register the scout for an interview with Pacific Skyline Council Jamboree Contingent Leaders.

Step 2: Register on the National Jamboree site. In order to register you will need an account on my.scouting.org in the name of the scout attending.  You will also need to know the BSA Membership Number (BSA ID) of the scout.  If you do not know the scout BSA ID, contact your Scoutmaster or Unit Registrar.

Jambo Scoutmasters are happy to assist.  If you need technical support with the registration website,  Member Care Services at (972) 580-2489 is also available for help.

A few things from the official registration website:

  1. The My.Scouting account needs to be in the name of the person attending the Jamboree, not the parent/guardian that is completing the application for a youth participant.
  2. The My.Scouting account you use should also be linked to your current BSA membership number.
  3. The membership number that you linked to your Jamboree application will be linked to the entire process, including your BSA Health & Medical Record.
  4. All applicants must have a current, non-expired, BSA membership.
  5. Use Chrome, Firefox or IE 10 or above to access the Jamboree application.  Other browsers may not be compatible with this system.

Registration URL: http://www.summitbsa.org/events/jamboree/jamboree-registration