Popcorn Sales Sign-Ups and Contact List for Parents

Pacific Skyline Council, Boy Scouts of America

December Popcorn Sales Sign-Ups & Parent Contact List 

December Popcorn Sales Sign-ups &

Parent Contact List
A scout is Thrifty:  He helps to pay his own way…
We will be selling popcorn in front of Safeway in Belmont (El Camino Real) for two weekends in December.  50% of all sales will go to the scouts to help pay for Jamboree.  We have setup a sign-up list for 1 hour time slots.  We need six scouts and two adults for every time slot to maximize our sales opportunities.
Also remember that you can sell popcorn online til March. Go here to register. You will need to use the council office zipcode 94404 to start the registration. We are Jamboree Troop 2017.
A scout is Helpful: He willingly volunteers to help others…
We would like to build a contact information sheet for our Troops and Crew.  We will put the scout’s first name, last name, email, phone number, and city on a roster that will be available to other members of the contingent.  It will be placed on the pacskyjambo.org website in the area accessible only by our members.  If you have a problem with your scout’s information being visible to other members of our group please let us know ASAP.
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